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  • Dynamix Select U12-U17

    Dynamix Select U12-U17

    National and Regional Teams

  • DVC 12 National

    DVC 12 National

    Took first place at the James River Classic

  • 14 Regional

    14 Regional

    Go Stingers!

  • U13 National

    U13 National

    Team bonding!

  • U15 National

    U15 National

    Champions of James River Classic!

  • U16 Regional

    U16 Regional

    Second at Maryland Juniors!

  • DVC 16 National

    DVC 16 National

    3rd at the Battle of Ohio

  • 14 National

    14 National

  • 14 Regional

    14 Regional

Travel VB Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: My player is new to volleyball, is he/she ready to participate on a travel team?

A: Being new to a sport does not indicate whether a player is ready to participate on a travel team. Dynamix Volleyball Club (DVC) has several levels of volleyball from our most advanced National teams to our Regional teams. Typically, less experienced players or players who have limited availability during the season, are selected for the Regional teams.  Families that are new to travel volleyball are encouraged to speak to the Director, a DVC coach, or even parents of previous DVC travel players.

Q: What is the time commitment to be on a travel volleyball team?

A: Teams will have multiple practices per week. Participating in travel volleyball will mean also attending 6-12 weekend tournaments. Travel volleyball teams typically have a season that runs from December through end of May-early June. If a National team makes a National Championship bid, their season will end after the last qualifying tournament - the costs for this tournament is not included with their National team fee. Regional teams mostly participate in single-day tournaments, and National teams participate in multi-day tournaments.

Single day tournaments are all-day events, while multi-day tournaments require overnight stays 2-4 days at a time. To give Regional level players the experience, DVC plans for all regional teams to attend one (1) multi-day tournaments typically Capital Hill Classic (DC) or AAU Classic (VA Beach), which is selected by the coach. The cost of hotels/food for players is not included in the player fee. U12 players are on a National team while the U11 will be a Regional team.

Q: What does my player have to do before tryouts (and WHAT DO all those acronyms MEAN anyway)?

A: All tournaments attended by DVC are sanctioned by one or more governing bodies. USAV (USA Volleyball), is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of volleyball in the United States. Based on the geographic location of our main facility, DVC is under CHRVA (Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association) within USAV.

AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and JVA (Junior Volleyball Association) are the governing bodies for non-professional and youth volleyball clubs in the US.

All these governing bodies have specific requirements including player membership. The Chesapeake Region (CHRVA) requires all players to register with USA Volleyball BEFORE they can try out for any travel club.

Once a player is selected and placed on a team's roster, the player must complete the required online scoring clinics in order to participate in the travel season. DVC handles the registration for AAU membership, the cost of which is included in the fees.

Q: When are tryouts held for DVC travel teams?

A: The Chesapeake Region Volleyball Association (CHRVA) dictates when open tryouts can be held. This is usually the first and second week of November - after state high school tournaments. Tryouts are scheduled by age group and will be posted on our DVC website, DVC Facebook page and communicated to previous players via an email blast.

Q: How do I know which age group my player should tryout?

A: To determine a player's correct age group for travel volleyball, the national governing body, USA Volleyball (USAV), has developed an Age Chart based on month and date of birth as of a specific cutoff date. This chart can be found at AGE CLASSIFICATION ( Families that are new to travel volleyball are encouraged to speak to the Director, a DVC coach, or even parents of previous DVC travel players if there are questions about a player's age classification.

It's important to note, a player can play for a higher age bracket but not a lower age bracket. Even though a player may be interested in "playing up" it is not recommended the player attend the tryout of a higher age level. Instead, we recommend the player attend the tryout for their specific age level. This ensures the player is considered for both their age specific team as well as higher age groups. If a DVC coach of a higher age team decides to pull up the player, that coach will extend an invitation to attend the higher-age try out.

Q: What criteria is used to select players for travel volleyball teams?

A: DVC coaches select players based on multiple factors - the most apparent is skill level. And while experience is a key factor, adaptation, maturity and attitude, as well as the willingness to work as a team, are just as important. However, a player with an extreme desire to learn, a coach-able attitude and consistent hustle demonstrates significant potential to be a great team player. Therefore, coaches may recruit a player with less experience if that player demonstrates significant potential.

Q: How many players are selected for each team?

A: The number of players on each team varies. Typically, coaches select between 9-12 players. Each coach determines the maximum number of team players based on their season strategy and coaching philosophy.

Q: How often and when do travel teams practice?

A: All teams will practice at least two times per week. National level teams have a 3rd practice for physical training. Physical training sessions are optional for Regional level teams and are coordinated with the trainers. Coaches may decide to occasionally schedule an additional practice to supplement training or to prepare for a tournament. Depending on team practice location, practice days are M/W or T/TH and times are either 5:30-7:30 or 7:30-9:30 or 5-7, 7-9.

Q: How are team's tournament schedules determined?

A: Gold level team tournaments are selected by the DVC Director and coaches of these teams prior to the season. The coaching staff for Regional level teams will determine a tournament schedule after considering the team's overall skill level, expected level of tournament competition, distance, cost, as well as schedule conflicts.

Q: Can a team's tournament schedule change once the season starts?

A: Yes. All tournaments are tentative until teams are accepted to play by the tournament host and this typically does not occur sooner than 2 weeks before the tournament date.

While DVC coaches attempt to plan their team's tournament schedule early in the season, factors outside of their control can occur. This typically is experienced when a tournament host that does not have enough teams registered cancels a tournament. Many DVC coaches include alternative tournaments as back-ups.

Q: How far away are tournaments?

A: Regional teams participate in single day tournaments typically within the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Most locations are generally within 90 minutes. All Regional teams will attend one (1) multi-day tournament - typically Capital Hill Classic (DC) or AAU Classic (VA Beach), selected by the coach.

National teams will participate at larger, more competitive tournaments. These tournament locations are up and down the east coast and include Virginia (VA), New Jersey (NJ), Tennessee (TN), Pennsylvania (PA), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) Georgia (GA) ,Florida (FL) and/or Puerto Rico(PR).

All tournaments are tentative until teams are accepted to play by the tournament.

Q: How are player fees calculated?

A: To determine player fees, DVC combines all the club's associated costs for the season and divides this equally by the number of players.

Q: What are the club's associated costs for the season?

A: The club's associated costs for the season are different for each level (National v. Regional) and include tournament entry fees, player gear packages, staffing costs, coaches travel expenses, practice facilities, supplemented training, such as physical conditioning, etc. The total season's budget also includes a discretionary amount to cover unplanned tournament and hotel cost increases.

Q: Why are player fees a price range and is the fee refundable?

A: No. Deposits and player fee payments are non-refundable. Accepting a position on a team is a contractual agreement and the commitment to share in the total cost of that team for the full season. Final player fees, stated prior to tryouts as a price range, are calculated as soon as all rosters are completed, and the tournament schedule has been determined.

Q: I am unable to pay the fees all at once. Does DVC offer a payment plan??

A: Player fees are not required to be paid all at once. DVC only requires that all players submit an initial deposit in order to hold their spot when accepting team placement. The deposit is non-refundable and is used to cover preliminary costs. After deposits are received, there are a few options for the remaining balance including extended payment plans. DVC's philosophy states, "If a player truly wants to play and is able to make a team, we want them playing."  Therefore, we also offer limited scholarships for those who have a substantial financial need.

DVC is a family first club and we understand life happens. We are more than willing to work with families that need to make alternative arrangements - and we keep those arrangements confidential even after the season starts. Please do not let the financial aspect of travel volleyball negatively impact your player: keep the lines of communication open and reach out.

Q: Are there any fund raising options?

A: DVC families collaborate on several fundraisers throughout the season. DVC as a club does not run or administer fundraisers but we are very supportive of them.

If you have a question that our FAQs didn't cover? Email us!

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